Welcome to our Bayside High School PTSA!

Our goal is to make our students’ potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all students.  Our membership numbers represent the strength of our advocacy voice.  We encourage parents, students, teachers, staff, relatives, friends and our community to become members of our Bayside HS PTSA.


PTSA Executive Board

Elected Officers

President                                        Melinda Steele
VP-Membership                             Tracy Wang
VP-All Night Grad                       Nora Hodge
Secretary                                    Deborah Jennison
Treasurer                                    Bill Steib

Committee Chairs

  • Alumni Events                                        Susie Dunn
  • Communications/Social Media               Open
  • Community Fundraising                         Susan Murrell
  • Cookie Team                                         Tracy Wang
  • Food Pantry                                           Angela Simmons
  • Hospitality                                              Open
  • Principles of American Citizenship        Samantha Rizzuto
  • SCA Representatives                            Cheryll Caalim and Amanda Cedeno
  • Scholarships/Grants                              Open
  • Staff Appreciation                                  Karen Longwater
  • Teacher Support Team                          Carole Kownack 
  • Volunteer Liaison                                   Nora Hodge


Become a member! Membership has benefits and supports important programs/resources for our school.  Membership benefits everyone!

  • National PTA benefits include:
  • Special Discounts
  • Vote in VA Beach PTA and Bayside HS PTSA matters.
  • Senior student members are eligible to apply for BHS PTSA Scholarship.  Seniors must join the PTSA by December 1st to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Complete the BHS PTSA Membership Form and send to school with dues.

Marlin Fund Donations

Donations are greatly appreciated and enable the PTSA to provide programs, resources, and support to our students, faculty and families.  You do not need to be a member or our PTSA to make a donation.  We welcome donations by mail or hand-delivered to the main office at school.

Complete  BHSPTSA Marlin Fund form and send to school to support PTSA school-wide initiatives.  

PTSA Meetings

General and Executive Board meetings are open to all parents, teachers, students, guardians, caregivers and community members. Please join us!


  • Consider joining our volunteer team.  Please review and complete the BHS PTSA Volunteer Form.  Forms may be returned to the main office or email to VIE Volunteers
  • Each school year, all current and prospective Virginia Beach City Public School volunteers must abide by VBCPS Guidelines for School Volunteers.
  • Volunteers are asked to check in at the front desk inside the main entrance.  Volunteers must present a valid government-issued ID that will be scanned in order to create a volunteer badge. As an added security feature, the scanning process includes a cross reference to the national and state sex offender registry. All volunteers are required to wear their badge while on school property and turn it in at the front desk as they are leaving the building.
  • Volunteers are strongly encouraged to log their hours through the VBCPS Get Connected database. If they prefer, volunteers may log their hours in the Volunteer Book located at the near end of the security desk. VBCPS uses this information to quantify the value of volunteer service and apply for division-wide federal grants that benefit our schools and students.
  • Contact our Volunteer in Education Coordinator to get connected with our volunteer opportunities. 

PTA Programs We Support


2019 2020 National PTA Reflections Theme Look Within Entries fro all grades and all abilities welcome

  • PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the annually determined theme. 
  • The artistic expression categories are dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Citizenship Essay Project

2019-2020 Theme: "What does it take to be a good citizen?"

Please reach out to your District Director for your District Deadline
 2020 State Deadline:  February 1

Virginia PTA is committed to promoting a sense of citizenship and responsibility in the lives of our children – tomorrow’s leaders.  To demonstrate the value that Virginia PTA places on good citizenship, we are proud to sponsor, support, and encourage Virginia students to write an essay for the annual Citizenship Essay Contest. 

The 2020 selected theme is “What does it take to be a good citizen?"


2019-2020 Contest Student Submission Form –  

Middle/High School Students:   Please see the details below for a Citywide Citizenship multimedia contest.  Feel free to utilize your talent showcasing citizenship concepts as they relate to the questions for each quarter. While utilizing the sharing of concepts through a written essay, online presentation (Google slide format) or video (video must be able to be submitted through a link in .jpeg format).  Please review the following questions and how they relate to you as to the idea of citizenship.  Once completed, submissions can be sent to Amber Sloan, VBPTA VP Programs, at [email protected] Please email Amber Sloan for notification if the entry needs to be sent though pony mail to Kellam High School. Citywide winners will be chosen at the middle school level and then separately for the high school level and then recognized individually. Scores will be based on creativity, how the work relates to citizenship and grammar content. Good Luck!!

Topics –
1st Quarter – What one word or phrase brings you the most inspiration? Why? (due November 5th)
2nd Quarter – Where do we most see isolation in school? What action steps can we consider to help students feel more connected? (due January 22)
3rd Quarter – Describe your future self….what do you hope to see yourself doing? (due March 25)
4th Quarter – What is your definition of school pride? What does it look like? (due May 20)

Please include the information below in the beginning of your essay submission.
Name of Student _____________________________ Grade _____
School Name _____________________________ Phone # ________________
Principal _____________________________ Email ________________
Please contact Amber Sloan at [email protected] should you have any questions. 

Principles of American Citizenship:

  • This program recognizes students each month who represent the qualities of a good citizen.

(September – Responsibility)

(October – Diligence)

(November – Respect)

(December – Kindness)

(January – Fairness)

(February – Honesty)

(March – Cooperation)

(April – Self Control)

(May – Trustworthiness)



BHS PTSA Programs and Activities

PTSA Scholarships & Grants:

  • The PTSA awards two one-time $500.00 scholarships each year to graduating BHS seniors who have been accepted as full-time students to an accredited university, college or vocational training school the fall after their graduation.  Seniors must join the BHS PTSA by December 1st of their senior year in order to be eligible for the scholarship.  The Scholarship Notice provides information about the process.
  • We award annual grants to faculty/staff members that apply on behalf of a student enrichment program, activity or event. 
  • The PTSA also seeks to acquire grants to support school programs.
  • 2019 Scholarship Application is here!

Food Pantry:

  • Our PTSA packs “Bayside Bags” to assist students who are in need of food over the weekend. 
  • We also pack snack bags for students who need a little extra nutrition during the school day.
  • We could use your assistance!  Please read the Food Pantry letter to find out what type of support is requested.

Thursday Cookie Sales:

  • The PTSA bakes and sells cookies each Thursday. All proceeds directly support student programs and events. 
  • Each bag costs $1.00 and contains two delicious cookies.
  • Consider purchasing a PTSA Concession Punch Cards  This card is ideal for buying cookies on “Thursday Cookie Day” or whenever the PTSA is sponsoring concessions.   When the 5th punch is used, the cardholder will earn a free $1.00 item.  Cards may also be purchased on Cookie Day from our Cookie Team Members.

Special Events: 

Our PTSA teams up with BHS staff, faculty, alumni and clubs to provide information tables, concessions, and volunteers in support of school sponsored events.

Hospitality and Staff Appreciation: 

  • Our PTSA sponsors various breakfasts/luncheons/dessert events throughout the year to honor our faculty and staff
  • We present small mementos to demonstrate our support and appreciation for our faculty and staff. 
  • The PTSA provides a luncheon for freshmen during their summer orientation



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