Our School

Mission Statement

"We are empowering all students to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens in a global society."

The Past

In February of 1963 the School Board of the City of Virginia Beach, voted to create what would be the fourth high school in the Beach District. The following year, in September of 1964, Bayside opened with Mr. N. W. Morris as the first principal and eighth, ninth, and tenth graders in attendance. Bayside High School meets the challenges of serving an ethnically and socio-economically diverse community to achieve its mission. Rich in tradition, Bayside has continually achieved State Accreditation, consistently exceeding state Standards of Learning benchmarks. In 1967 the first class graduated from Bayside in the football stadium.

The Present

Bayside High School celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. The Health Sciences Academy, added in 2002, offers a program focused in the health sciences. More information can be accessed by clicking here.

School Symbols

School Colors - Scarlet and Gold

School Mascot - The Marlin

School Crest - The Nautical Compass represents the ocean which is part of the school grandeur. The Sailing Ship represents that Bayside is beside the bay, hence- Bayside. The Virginia Beach Seal Represents that Bayside is part of Virginia Beach. The Compass represents Bayside’s changing directions.

Alma Mater

We sing to thee, O Bayside
we lift our voices high.
Your banner gold and scarlet
We’ll raise up to the sky
Your halls which now surround us
May dim and fade away
The Years will pass
But in our hearts
You’ll forever stay
We pledge to thee, O Bayside
Our love forever true
O Cherished Alma Mater
Our loyalty to you
Your Vision helps to guide us
Wherever we may be
Your mem’ry lives forever
In our praise to thee