Activities List

Name of Activity Contact Person Email Address
Athletic Training Laura Clarke [email protected]
Jennifer Eda [email protected]
Annie Robertson  
AVID Danette Holmes [email protected]
Band * Jonathan Duggan [email protected]
Baseball, Varsity & JV * Patrick Stafford [email protected]
Basketball, Boys Varsity & JV * Martin Russ [email protected]
Basketball, Girls Varsity & JV * William Walker [email protected]
Cheerleading, Varsity & JV * April Patrick [email protected]
Color Guard Jonathan Duggan [email protected]
Cross Country, Boys & Girls * David Kidd [email protected]
Debate Deborah Jennison [email protected]
DECA Shawn Haskell-Henty [email protected]
Environmental Club April Clark [email protected]
Esports Rebecca Wilson [email protected]
Field Hockey, Varsity & JV * Morgan Lee [email protected]
Football, Varsity & JV * Jon White [email protected]
Forensics Kevin Johnson [email protected]
Tatiana N. Kasyanik [email protected]
Freshman Class Morgan Sellers [email protected]
Eva Seijo [email protected]
Future Business Leaders of America Francois Cote [email protected]
Gifted Advisory Board Meg Manugo [email protected]
Golf * Healey Eakes [email protected]
Gymnastics * Kelsey Brogan [email protected]
Ashley H. Stalcup [email protected]
HOSA - Health Occupations Samuel Hamilton [email protected]
Indoor & Outdoor Track, Boys * Thad Harold [email protected]
Indoor & Outdoor Track, Girls * Jonathan Caldwell [email protected]
Interact Club Russlyn Wilkie [email protected]
Junior Class Robin Copeland [email protected]
Lacrosse, Boys * Parker Curran [email protected]
Lacrosse, Girls * Mathew Scott [email protected]
Literary Magazine Christine Butzbach [email protected]
Medical Honor Society Martha Schwartz [email protected]
Mental Health Awareness Club Jackie Mowery [email protected]
Mighty Marlins * Scott Donnell [email protected]
National Honor Society Emily Blachura [email protected]
Meg Manugo [email protected]
Newspaper Micah Rose [email protected]
Operation Smile Maureen Loflin [email protected]
Orchestra Justin Brown [email protected]
RAKtivists Lisa Strader [email protected]
Scholastic Bowl, Varsity & JV William Pritchard [email protected]
Senior Class Jill Blake [email protected]
Susan Lemmons [email protected]
Soccer, Boys Varsity & JV * Aaron Myers [email protected]
Daniel McNabb [email protected]
Soccer, Girls Varsity & JV * Christopher Watson [email protected]
Amanda Romero [email protected]
Softball, Varsity & JV * Shawn Anthony [email protected]
Sophomore Class Eleni Babcock [email protected]
Student Cooperative Association Ashley Williamson [email protected]
Kabhir Marks [email protected]
Swimming, Boys & Girls * Russlyn Wilkie [email protected]
Tennis, Boys * Richard Ingram [email protected]
Tennis, Girls * Lisa Ebert [email protected]
Theatre Thomas Arnold [email protected]
Volleyball, Boys * Morgan Kelly [email protected]
Volleyball, Girls * Jonathan Caldwell [email protected]
Wrestling, Varsity & JV * Rahime Young [email protected]
Yearbook Rebecca Wilson [email protected]

* These activities require a sports physical prior to participation.

Sports physicals must be dated after May 1, 2022 to be valid for participation during the 22-23 school year. If you have a sports physical completed at another location, please return the completed physical form electronically or in hard copy to our Student Activities Coordinator, Ms. Corprew, CMAA.