Bayside in the News

Bayside In the News!

Morning Announcements

Bayside Students Design Vans for Steel Pier Classic

Bayside Hosts 2nd Annual Unified Track and Field Meet

Bayside hosts 2nd annual unified track and field meet

HOSA Wins Big at State Conference

HOSA 2019 State Leadership Conference

Barbara James Service Award

· Bronze Level Recognition - Addison Rowland (10th grade) and Dana Jou Alban (10th grade)

HOSA Happenings

· Bayside High School (Lauren Asperin – 10th grade)

Healthcare Issues Exam

· An Troung (10th grade) – 1th place

Human Growth and Development

· Mya Osibogun (11th grade) – 2nd place

· Amber Salvador (10th grade) – 3rd place

Medical Law and Ethics

· Emma Gervais (10th grade) – 1st place

· Ana Ravapanak (11th grade) – 3rd place


· Breanna Braswell (12th grade) – 2nd place

· Thomas “Peyton” Simpson (12th grade) - 4th place

· Brian Redifer (12th grade) -5th place

Medical Math

· Kira Myers (11th grade)– 3th place

Medical Reading

· Lydia Broden (10th grade) – 3rd place

· Julissa Bishop (11th grade) – 4th place

Medical Spelling

· Ellie Stauch (11th grade) - 1st place

· Madhumita “Dolly” Venkatadasari (9th grade) – 3rd place

· Caitlin Delacruz (12th grade) – 4th place

Veterinary Science

· Tia Smith (12th grade) – 1th place

CPR / First Aid

· Amanda Cedeno (10th grade) and Zeus Torres (11th grade) – 5th place


· Rex Soriano (12th grade) – 1st place

Public Health

· Jada Ray (10th grade), Lauren Asperin (10th grade), Tamera Fang (10th grade), Kaitlyn Garcia (10th grade), Emily Quinn (10th grade), and Lauren Wolf (10th grade) - 1st place

Extemporaneous Writing

· Corey Hill (12rd grade) 4th place

· Tatta Vyshnavi (9th grade) 5th place

Healthy Lifestyle

· Emma Wehr (10th grade) – 4th place

Prepared Speaking

· Joydan Hill (11th grade) – 5th place

Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking

· Ana Ravanapak (11th grade) – 3rd place

Biomedical Debate

· Johnathan Gillian (12th), Lillian Woodruff (10th), Madison Longwater (9th) and Pearl Renwick (10th) – 1st place

· Shaila Papadakos (9th grade), Madhunmita Venkatadasari (9th grade), Kayla Walsh (9th grade), and Cayla West (9th grade) – 5th place

Community Awareness

· Tyra Boyce (11th grade) and Jalen Jefferson (11th grade) – 5th place

· Grace Bellamy (9th grade) and Hadley McQuerrey (9th grade)– 3rd place

Creative Problem Solving

· Mia Adams (10th grade), Richard Alcanices (10th grade), Isabel Gertwaz(10th grade), and Alexis Johnson (10th grade), – 4th place

· Josh Encargue (10th grade), Juliana Lopez-Vivas (10th grade), Brian Malsch (10th grade), and Tanmay Parakala-Jain (10th grade), – 3rd place

Forensic Science

· Addison Rowland (10th grade) and Alexandra Zombron (10th grade) – 4th place

· Curtis Patton (10th grade) and Alexandra Restrepo (10th grade) – 3rd place

· Anastasia Beard (11th grade) and Bhavya Surapaneni (11th grade) - 2nd place

Health Education

· Emily Olds (10th grade) and Emma Gervais (10th grade) – 5th place


· Christopher “Synjon” Bushnell (12th grade), Ryan Gillespie (12th grade), Marina Organt (12th grade), and Rex Soriano (12th grade) – 3rd place.

Medical Innovations – Existing

· Tara Sellers (11th grade) and Kira Myers (11th grade) - 1st place

· Leilani Duncan (11th grade), Charity Hammond (10th grade), HyeJean Yum (11th grade), and Aubree Musicant (11th grade) - 3rd place

Medical Innovations – Original

· Sarah Mabanglo (11th grade) and Azure Joynes (11th grade) – 4th place


· Gabrielle Becerra (10th grade), Lydia Borden (10th grade), and Ryley Marx (10th grade) – 2nd Place

· Abigail Reynolds (9th), Dana Jou Alban (10th), Amanda Cedeno (10th), Jacob Raguini (10th), Vedant Trivedi (9th) and An Truong (10th) – 5th place

You Make A Difference!  2018-2019
Mr. Cason
Ms. Vedder
Mr. Kurpiel
Ms. Adamovich
Ms. Wikie
Ms. S. Dorsett
Ms. M. Dorsett
Ms. Wilkie
Ms. Adamovich

Dr. Reese
Dr. Nickerson
Ms. Butzbach
Ms. Grimstead

Ms. Crow
Mrs. Parker

Mr. Donnell
Ms. Casper-Jennings
Mr. Hamilton
Ms. Holloway
Mr. Beck
Mrs. Mayhew
Mrs. Terry Mejia
Mrs. Marueen Loflin
Mr.  Scott Varisco
Mr. Jaquan Glover

Leadership Workshop

Leadership Workshop
Our 2018-2019 BHS Leadership Workshop program received a grant from the VBEF for $2000.00.  Our 11th annual BHS Leadership Workshop program will be held March 2-3, 2019 at Airfield 4-H Center in Wakefield, VA.  We will be taking over 90 underclassmen students along with student staff, alumni instructors and faculty chaperones for a total of 110 participants. Workshop applications to attend this great leadership program will be available starting Wednesday, December 19th through the school’s main website and on the SCA bulletin board on the corner of the 400/500 hallway.  The cost to attend workshop is $90.00.  It is a first come, first serve opportunity program.  Please see Mrs. Williamson in Room 604 with questions or email her at [email protected].

Marching Band Wins!

Band Wins

Bayside High School's Marching Band recently Won Class A (caption awards in color guard, Marching, music, drum line,visual, overall effect) in competition at the Cary  Band Day in Cary,  North Carolina.  Pictured are: Seniors Alyssa Kein, Charli Labud, Gavin DeWees, Krista Kubovchik, Ethan Hogan, Jameecia Grant, Mr. Duggan, Tiana Mosley, Dasan Williams

It's Football Season!  Thanks to Dr. Richards for this great pic! Come enjoy a game and support your favorite Marlins!

Thanks for Supporting the Havlock High School Hurricane Drive!

You Make A Difference

Mr. Ball 
Mr. Young
Mr. Trumble
Dr. Washington

Bayside Student Athletic Aides Ready for Fall Sports
Athletic Trainer Student Aides

Health Sciences Academy Students in Guatemala

Bayside students in Xela

Ms. Loflin and eight of our students are in Guatemala working with the Global Public Service Academy.  GPSA for Health is a hands-on, academic, service-learning program for high school students.  They are working in educational collaboration with Duke University and Johns Hopkins University.  They are providing hands-on help, and tackling real-world problems with the environment and healthcare in Cantel and Zunil, Guatemala.

Students are taking turns posting a blog each day.  Here is a link to the blog if you would like to see pictures and read about the exciting things they are doing:

Bayside Students at Citywide Leadership Workshop

Dr Apence Mr Miller and Students

Supt Dr. Spence, Principal Miller and Bayside students at the Virginia Beach Leadership Academy.