Frequently Asked Questions

At what grade level may students enroll in the Health Sciences Academy?
One hundred rising ninth graders will be accepted each year. Rising tenth graders may apply for possible admission depending on space availability.

Can I apply to the Health Sciences Academy if I attend a private or parochial school?
Any 8th or 9th grade student residing in the city of Virginia Beach is eligible to apply to the
academy program.

What is the application procedure?
Applications are available on the Virginia Beach Public Schools website:

Is bus transportation available?
Buses are provided. In addition to the regular buses, students will have activity and athletic buses available to them.

What special courses does the Health Sciences Academy offer?
All of the core classes are Academy classes. Those classes, which include math, social studies, English, and biology, are thematic. Students will also take four years of medical science courses which include Health Occupations (which includes CPR and first aid), Human Anatomy, Physiology/Pathophysiology I, and Physiology/Pathophysiology II. In addition, students will be afforded clinical rotations, internships, and scientific research. Of course, the full complement of AP courses are available and recommended. In addition, we have a full array of medical electives including such courses as Forensic Medicine, Medical Microbiology, Hereditary Medicine, and Comparative Anatomy, to name a few.

What is the possibility regarding guaranteed admissions?
The Health Sciences Academy has an agreement with St. George’s University Medical and
Veterinary schools to offer conditional acceptance to Health Sciences Academy graduates who maintain at least a 3.4 GPA and earn a score of at least 1800 on their SAT.

Are extracurricular activities encouraged?
Every college preparatory program recommends involvement in extracurricular activities. It
demonstrates well-roundedness and the ability to be a team player. Every student in the academy is afforded the same opportunities for participation in sports, the arts, and community service. In addition, all academy students are expected to complete 150 hours of community service before graduation.

Why should a student come to the Bayside High School Health Sciences Academy?
1. If a student has a desire to pursue a medically related career
2. If a student wants to hear guest speakers from all medical disciplines sharing about their
particular profession
3. If a student wants opportunities for clinical rotations and internships before going to college
4. If a student wants the opportunity to have a conditional acceptance to medical school or 
veterinary school
5. If a student wants the solid college preparatory program with a unique way to learn about
his/her own medical health
6. If a student wants opportunities for scholarships, career exploration and college planning