The Gifted Program

Bayside High School is proud to have over 200 students who have been identified as gifted because of their high intellectual or artistic capabilities. The BHS Gifted Program offers gifted and talented students a wide variety of wonderful choices. Academically challenging classes, independent study, exciting music and theatre opportunities, and superior visual art experiences are just some of the many possibilities for students.

SPARKS and Think Tank

BHS offers two semester credit courses for gifted students. SPARKS is designed for our 11th and 12th grade students while the Think Tank meets the needs of our 9th and 10th graders. These classes are taught in an online blended format (online and face-to-face). These courses are designed to foster opportunities for gifted high school students to question, explore, cooperate, solve problems, and conduct discussions that are centered upon student-designed topics. Students’ learning experiences are differentiated in order to appropriately challenge and optimize learning opportunities for all. This is accomplished by means of a natural exchange among students utilizing whole class and small group discussions as well as individual thinking and writing assignments facilitated by Mrs. Manugo. To register for one of these unique semester credit classes, see Mrs. Manugo in Room 300C.

Gifted Cluster Classes

Gifted resource teachers in each comprehensive high school serve as teachers and advocates for gifted learners. At grades 9-10, gifted learners are clustered (scheduling permitted) in order to provide some time in their academic schedule to work with their intellectual peers. The gifted resource teacher in each school collaborates with the regular education teachers to differentiate curriculum and instruction to meet the cognitive and affective needs all students in the cluster classroom. Regular education teachers with a cluster of gifted students in one or more class sections are considered to be a cluster teacher.

Mrs. Manugo collaborates with all cluster teachers to develop specific units and lessons that provide creative, rigorous, and challenging instruction necessary to stimulate high-level thinking skills. The gifted resource teacher works with cluster classroom teachers on a continuing basis to introduce and use gifted instructional strategies, plan and implement differentiated curriculum, instruction, and assessments, and provide an understanding of the unique need of gifted students.

Governor's School for the Arts

Students in Grades 9 -11 are invited to audition for the Governor's School for the Arts in Norfolk. Held concurrently with our school year, participants come to BHS for three blocks and then ride the GSA bus to Norfolk for their specialized studies in Dance, Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre, Theatre, Visual Arts, or Vocal Music. Applications for audition forms are available in Room 300C. For more information visit the Governor's School website at or see Mrs. Manugo in Room 300C.

Summer Programs

Gifted and talented students have the opportunity to attend one of the Summer Residential Governor's Schools hosted by the Virginia State Department of Education. Four and five week immersions in visual and performing arts, humanities, foreign languages, mathematics, science, and technology as well as mentorship opportunities in engineering, marine science, and medicine are offered at college and university campuses across the state.

One of the most important aspects of the Summer Residential Governor’s Schools programs is the opportunity for participants to live, study, and get to know other students with similar interests and abilities from across Virginia. Both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are designed to encourage students’ interests and abilities. Recreation and free time are provided outside of the academic environment enabling students to enjoy what may be their first summer living away from home. For more information on Summer Residential Governor’s Schools, visit the SRGS website or see Mrs. Manugo. 

Gifted Identification

If you were identified gifted in elementary school or middle school, you are part of the Gifted Program in high school. The Gifted Program includes students identified as gifted in general intellectual aptitude as well as students with exceptional talent in music, dance, art, or theater. 

The Referral Process

If you have yet to be identified and are interested in the process, please stop by Room 300C and speak withMrs. Manugo. A teacher, a parent/guardian, a peer, the student support team, or any person who has knowledge of a student’s abilities may initiate a referral. The Eligibility/Placement Committee meets quarterly to review parent and teacher recommendations and observations, test scores, and other information that will assist them with eligibility decisions. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. Referral forms are available on the VBSchools website.

Our Gifted Resource Teacher, Mrs. Meg M. Manugo

Mrs. Manugo received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English (Education concentration) from North Carolina State University and her Master of Arts degree in English from Old Dominion University. She began her career 18 years ago at Bayside High School where she has taught English 9, English 10, English 12, Honors English 12, Dual Enrollment English, and Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow I, II. In 2017, Mrs. Manugo transitioned from English teacher to Gifted Resource teacher and continues to be an advocate for the students at Bayside High School. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail her at [email protected]  You can also follow the BHS Gifted program on Twitter by following @BHS_Gifted.


Meg M. Manugo, NBCT 

Gifted Resource Teacher 

Bayside High School, Room 300C 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

(757) 648-5200 ext.: 59598

[email protected]